Mama & the Moon

Hi papa!
Yes dear?

Why is the sun still up? It’s getting dark.
Well, he loves her.

He does? Who?
The moon, my dear.

The sun loves the moon? I didn’t know that. Is that why the moon is so close?
Oh yes, he loves her very much. It’s partly why the moon is so close.

Is that a little like you and mama?
Sure is, little one. I love your mama. She’s easy so love, isn’t she? Like you!

Oh I know, mama is the light!
She sure is.

I want to be just like mama when I grow up! Papa?
Yes dear?

So are you the sun and mama the moon?
Now why would you say that?

Well, everyone comes out to see a full moon. It’s so pretty! Like mama!
You’re so smart, pumpkin! You’re right! What is it about mama that’s so pretty?

Well, she has the best laugh.
She sure does! You got that from her. What else?

I always have fun when she’s here!!
You sure do! Your mom is so alive with energy.

And no one loves me like mama, well you do, papa, but mama’s love is the best!!
You’re so right! Your mama is so full of love and joy. She lights up the room

She does!

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