Two Nights in the Bay Area

I’ve had many friends and family come my way to the Bay. With only two evenings in the Bay Area, I was asked “what would you do?” Something I never did in my twenty years living in Chicago, I promised myself from day one upon arriving in San Francisco (and what would turn out to be living in Sausalito). I would live each day, in every way, as a tourist in the Bay.

And so it was, for a few days in the Bay in mid-June, my cousin Betsy and her family visited me. Her husband Litten had beaten her by a couple days, taking advantage of one evening when we had seats five rows up from the visitors’ dugout at AT&T Park watching the Kansas City Royals take on the San Francisco Giants.

Evening One began after my family went whale watching off Pier 39 while I was in the office, picking them up near Fisherman’s Wharf. Nicholas, seven-years-old and everything an adventure, made friends with all the whales. Afterwards, we…

  • Visited the Palace of Fine Arts reminiscing about the neighborhood our cousin Julie lived during her time in San Francisco, while Nicholas ran after the pigeons…
  • Drove to Lands’ End, Point Lobos, and Sutro Baths from where we flew with the pelicans and watched love be embraced by nature in the form of Seals Rock. We parked here for a bit, an easy spot to appreciate the wonder of nature, the gift of humanity, and the love of family…
  • Drove to Twin Peaks to watch the shadows caused by the sunset to start enveloping the city. We didn’t stay here long, as the winds were blowing at epic proportions nearly toppling some of us atop the peak…
  • Drove to Sausalito to the church Jules & Joel got married ten years ago this month, the last time Betsy & Litten were in the Bay Area…
  • Ate dinner at Taste of Roma in Sausalito.

Evening Two began after my family had hiked over six miles in Muir Woods ending up at Pan Toll Campgrounds where I picked them up. Afterwards, we…

  • Hiked to the very top of Mount Tamalpais. The sky was brilliantly blue, and we could see the entire Bay Area miles and miles in every direction…
  • Ate a juicy burger at Bel Campo…
  • Had wine at the pool in Sausalito stargazing while Nicholas jumped in.

I wrote reminiscing about those two evenings “I found my heart in San Francisco before finding love alongside the pelicans.”, to which a friend of mine wrote “And the elements themselves so artistically balanced mother nature herself must maintain Marin as her temple….”

Well said, Yuru Guru. His words are always magical. So too are evenings in the Bay Area — all magical.

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