Best Burger I’ve Ever Had

I wanted to goto Napa Valley Burger yesterday in Sausalito, CA but got tied up with other things. That reminded me of the greatest burger I’ve ever had at Au Cheval. Located a block from my condo in Chicago on the corner of Randolph & Halsted in the heart of the West Loop, this place is an absolute gem. Once it opened and after my first visit, I’d eat there at least once a week. And always the same thing- their magnificent burger, grilled to perfection, topped with a couple strips of thick cut bacon and a fried egg. Cutting it in half would ooze the tender yolk. Then it was heaven biting down that first bite to the last. The once-a-week assault onto my heart seemed like a worthy exchange. It probably wasn’t, and it’s probably good that I’m no longer tempted with the allure if its proximity, but there are times I dream about it. In these dreams, Taylor does not win the battle for my food, at least not where this burger is involved.

(Their take on the General Tsao’s chicken is also undeniably decadent.)






9 thoughts on “Best Burger I’ve Ever Had

    1. good question! it’s good and only served as a reminder to the greatest burger i’ve ever had, which is bold statement, but one i feel i’m equipped to answer given the sheer quantity of burgers i’ve had…


  1. Woa Woa Woa……wait just a damn minute…..

    The Kitchen Door in Napa will end this debate forever. You know I’m a loyal Chicago patriot, but that joint has the best burger in history. Killer deviled eggs, too


    1. I’ve never been there, but now it’s on my list!!! I’ve actually never been to Napa, only Sonoma. I’ll check this and the burger off my list ASAP. Thanks for the rec, doctor!


      1. I’ll never steer you wrong when it comes to food/drink, brother.

        BTW….I’m actually flying in to SFO tomorrow morning. Going to be down at Pebble Beach for the Concours til Sunday, Half Moon Bay Sunday/Monday, then hitting the Giants game Monday night before flying home Tuesday morning. You around to meet us for a pre-game drink Monday afternoon?


      2. I know, that’s why I’m even more excited. I’m up there Labor Day weekend for a wedding, and of course to knock The Kitchen off my list…. Re next Monday: count me in!


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