Burma Superstar

When it comes to food, I love what I love. And I love it very much. Of course, what I love the most is my mother’s cooking, each and every meal cooked with love.

The list of dishes I love include my Chicago haunts, but is not limited to the basil chicken at Siam Rice in the Chicago Loop (where over several years, I spent almost $5,000 just on this one dish), the kani nigiri at Mirai Sushi in Wicker Park, the bone-in fillet and butter cake at Mastro’s in River North (the best steak I’ve ever had), the cauliflower and the green beans at The Girl & The Goat and the burger at Au Cheval, both walking distance from my condo in the West Loop.

Those are my Chicago haunts. There are much more.

And then there is San Francisco, world renowned for its cuisine. Some of my favourite places are in Sausalito, partly cos I live there. I love Avatars, whose owner Ashok is extremely engaging and some of my favourite healthy Indian cooking I’ve ever had. The chicken jalfrezi at BBQ Curry House has some of the best Pakistani food. The spaghetti a la bolognese at Taste of Rome is the best. And the fish & chips (which are actually potatolitos) and the cioppinolito at Salitos is to die for. Kitty’s is the best Thai food in Marin, her owner Mama a delight to eat with and wonderful cook. In the city itself, Dosa at Fillmore has the best egg curry.

Then there is my all-time favourite place in the Bay Area. The other night I joined a close friend of mine and his wife, visiting from (of all places) Chicago. And then even more recently, another friend of mine visited me from Chicago. And of course both times, I took them to Burma Superstar. Originally introduced to the restaurant from a friend at the office when I took him and the rest of my team, treating them to a dinner there. I’ve been back as of this writing, over twenty times. And 43 times, I’ve ordered the chilli lamb, my favourite dish in all of the Bay Area, a combination of fiery hot and sweet and savory. It’s beyond amazing. Writing about it is making my mouth water. The tea leaf salad is a must have, as well as the garlic shrimp and the beef curry. I’d never had Burmese food before, as I have come to find out it’s a combination Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai. It’s just freakin good.

I think I’ll order some chilli lamb right now.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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