The Chicago Cubs… The Season That Was That Coulda Been…

On 21 February 2013, I proudly announced, “so you heard it here first! The Cubs will win the World Series this year! Why, you may ask? Well, I bought season tickets this year with a buddy of mine and a couple other guys. What that means is I am going to 20 games this year! I’ll be seeing Tulo, Pujols, Hamilton, Kemp, Posey, Trout, Braun, Freese, Beltran, Helton, etc – so freakin’ excited!! Some of the games I may sell, and some I’ve already identified who I want to take. As you can tell, for George and our birthday week, I’m basically pitching tent at Wrigley.”

Baseball has a funny way about it. Little could I have predicted that Pujols would have a subpar year, Braun suspended, Kemp a non-factor with injuries, let alone the emergence of the dynamic Puig. That being said, based upon the season that has been, if I had attended the games I was supposed to attend, the season could have been something else – something greater for the Cubbies.

For obvious reasons, moving myself and Taylor to our new home in the Bay Area, I have been unable to attend the last few Cubs games with my season tickets, the seats having instead been occupied by my brother.  To date the Chicago Cubs are 55-76 (25-41 at home) for a .420 winning percentage overall (loosely using the word winning unless Charlie Sheen is reprising his Hap Felsch role from the Black Sox). Season-to-date, the Cubs were 12-6 in games when I was supposed to be sitting in my seats, 7-1 when I was actually there. In addition, I went to three games this year not sitting in my seats; the Cubbies lost all three. Final tally? 12-9 in games I went to or was supposed to goto.

A lot of numbers, but bottom line? If the Cubbies played at the clip they played when I was supposed to go (i.e. .571 winning percentage), they would be right in the thick of the NL Central race behind the Cardinals and Pirates (.588 and .583 winning percentages, respectively). And if I had actually gone to all the games (winning at a .636 clip, or a blistering .875 winning percentage sitting in my own seats), we would be running away with the division. (Original FaceBook post below, followed by a link to the best baseball team theme song ever . – Go Cubs! Go!)

The conclusion is clear.
Clearly, the Cubs miss having their secret weapon sit in the upper deck, section 115.
It’s not easy being me.
It’s even harder being the Cubs.

15 MAY 2013
Chicago, IL

as of today, the cubs are in last place 16-23 with a 8-12 record at wrigley and yet i have figured out a winning strategy for the cubs to win the world series. i’ve been to 11 games this year, 8 of them with my own seats. i’m 7-4 overall, and 7-1 when sitting in my own seats. strategy? as long as i goto every home game and am sitting in my seats, the cubbies will have a .875 winning percentage (and overall a .636 winning percentage). that’ll get them to the show!

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2 thoughts on “The Chicago Cubs… The Season That Was That Coulda Been…

  1. Reblogged this on The Secret of My SucCecil and commented:

    While I grew up a Dodgers and Red Sox fan, and will always root for them, living in Chicago for two decades has made me root for the Cubbies on a consistent basis. I seriously think I would shed a tear if they won the World Series (much the same way I did when the Red Sox first won it back in 2004 and the Dodgers last did in 1988).

    While they are probably a year or two away, this young version of the Cubbies are the most exciting team to play on the Northside in years. The division lead behind the Cardinals who are so far ahead and the Pirates who are ahead of the Cubs, they do have a legitimate shot at the playoffs even this year making a run at the wild card. And as the Giants have proved, then it’s anyone’s ballgame.

    “Go Cubs Go!
    Go, Cubs, Go!
    Hey Chicago, whaddaya say?
    The Cubs are gonna win today.”


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