Murder Mystery Party: the Night I Was Killed in the Name of Fun

If you’ve never hosted or been a part of a Murder Mystery Party, I highly recommend it, if nothing else for the sheer fun factor. This particular one I attended was centered around a high school reunion. The key pa

20130902-173038.jpgrticipants played different roles in high school: the class president, the jock, the homecoming queen, the A/V guy, the geek, the band girl, the slut, etc. (Special note. I played the A/V guy – Steve Spielson – who later became an Academy Award winning director who got his start in porn.)

Before the party, the host mailed each of us our character descriptions, our motivations, questions that needed to be asked before the murder, and in my case, my demise as I’m sure in the murderer’s case, motive, plan and execution (pun intended, of course).

As the victim, it was my job to inform the host I had concluded all my conversations and activities for the evening, a signal for him to cut the power and shut off all the lights.

Once the lights came back on, I was sprawled on the floor.



“OH NO!!!!!”

[uncontrollable sobbing]


My job was done. I could eat and drink. The rest of the night was devoted to solving my murder.

Some notes to keep in mind, should you decide to…

  • Good food is key. Our host was a chef who studied cooking in London, his wife Indian who made us delectable samosas. I wish I could say he learned his culinary skills on the dodgy end of town, but I don’t that was the case.
  • Lots of alcohol is a bonus. My favourite, whiskey, was in abundance. Specialty shots a boon.
  • It goes without saying good people are the most important ingredient. Budding actors/actresses welcomed. Creative types preferred. Dress up! Become your character! I was fortunate to be with a lively crew, among my closest friends, all of whom I’m quite certain went back in line several times when God was handing out personality.

I won’t tell you who murdered me, cos well, that would spoil the fun.

In the end, Steve Spielson had the last laugh.Reports of his demise a slight exaggeration. Recently, I sent an email to the rest of the participants. Can anyone say, Murder Mystery, Part Two: Spielson’s Revenge?

Breaking News! This just in! The artist formerly known as Steve Spielson is miraculously alive!!

Previously thought murdered, and in a surprising turn of events, alive and in remarkably good spirits. The famed pornstar director had a few words for his fans, “I am coming! And so are you!”

So official word now is the gravestone originally built of Italian marble for Mr. Spielson, “I came. And so have you.” has now been shelved, assuming of course he is actually coming.

Stay tuned for more news of Steve Spielson. This story just keeps on growing.

In other news, washed out high school football QB and current pathetic high school gym teacher Joe Nebraska being held on $599 bail for trying to rob a 10yr old of his lunch money.

#raisingthedead #scoobydooisfun #rageagainstthemachinekillinginthenameof #brilliantmurder

Responses to the breaking news…

I have tried to take some time to come up with an adequate response to the fact that you sent this at 1:30 in the morning. I got nothing, good email buddy.”

“I’m going to second Brandon on this, I mean we’ll put together email. It took me a minute to figure out it wasn’t real, it was that convincing!”


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