Fake Sara Spends an Extra Night

My family and my friends have a ton of “it”. I’m in awe of genius. I value wit. I’m a big fan of creativity. Possibly because I don’t have much. Possibly because I possess much more than I think… Which brings me to coming home last night from a long day at the office followed by a stop at the nearest LensCrafters.

Saying goodbye to the day and contemplating a fun Labor Day weekend, I was a little blue. I had spent the previous few days in wine country with three dear friends – one that I’d been close with since 8th grade, her two sisters, and a wedding weekend with their friends, many of whom were also friends. One of the sisters stayed with me an extra eve – when we ate pizza and watched movies like we used to do almost twenty years ago, our favourite from the night, “Kick-Ass“, which is a kick ass movie starring Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, who is pretty much awesome and steals every scene, but I digress – before leaving for home in Southern California the next day.

Besides feeling blue, I was also feeling a bit under the weather. Of course, sensing I needed some extra attention as my key opened the lock, Taylor greeted me the way he always does at the door, wiggling his butt this way and that while burrowing his massive head into my legs taking control of his space while I rubbed him down, amidst praise of “you’re such a good boy, Taylor! You’re such a good boy! But you know that, don’t you boy? Don’t you boy? You’re so good! You’re so good!” And so it goes. It’s great for both of us. And then he gets fed. Taylor’s an eater. He eats it real good.

While Tay was snarfing down his kibble, I walked into my room about to change, not really sure what I was seeing amidst the dark. Calmly but a little excited, I asked, “Sara? You didn’t leave?” Without a stir, she didn’t respond. Still wearing shoes sticking out, she was fast asleep, dead to the world, obviously had missed her flight, and as tired as I was. Gently poking her to let her know I was home, I quickly realized that what I was seeing wasn’t what I was seeing. In the pitch black, I snapped a photo to see what I saw.

Laughing hysterically, I went back to grab Taylor exclaiming “You knew this, didn’t you? In on it from the beginning, you little rascal!” Once outside , walking up the hill, I received a text from Sara “Home?” to which I responded…

You’re timing is amazing!
I just got home from the office and an eye exam. Long day. And I’m actually not feeling that well. Guess what I needed?


I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time!
I walked in not sure what I was seeing. Said, “Sara? You didn’t leave?”
Poking at “you”… To find Fake Sara sleeping in my bed!!!

Sara’s only response…

I’m laughing right now

(Hash tags had become popular over the weekend.)

Taylor fell asleep laughing me. Quite obviously, he was privy to Sara’s plan to fool me, more than likely not only privy, but part of the planning process. He slept like a baby, snoring loudly, spread eagle defiantly to flaunt that he had “it”, along with his newfound friend Sara.


This morning, I snapped a pic of my bed, having left it undisturbed from the night before, just so I could see Sara’s masterpiece with my own eyes instead of thru my iPhone. #cleverfriendsarejustasfunnythenextmorning



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