The Early Bird

Only 9:40 AM and I’ve been up for over five hours. I was asleep by 10 PM last night, an uncharacteristic Friday evening. I even thought of a Game of Thrones, season 3 marathon. I couldn’t even finish the first episode, I was so tired. I’ve had two Pilates sessions within the last seven days, and though I’m only two deep, this has the potential to change my life. In a good kind of pain with huge aspirations to get rid of my daily bad kind of pain. My neck and my spine and my back are all sorts of messed up. Strengthening my core will get those parts to love me again. Hope is the badge of courage and inspiration.

I woke up early, excited to start my Pilates routine, excited to finish projects around the apartment, excited to paint (later), excited to read & write, excited to watch the sun rise, excited to walk with Taylor (where the stairway to heaven looked a little different than from the walk last night), excited to sit on my balcony watching Sausalito wake up. And so that’s what I did.

The crows are still crowing, some near, some far, above me.

Orchids, camellias, lavender, chrysanthemums, daisies, crotons, lillies, all lay at my feet.

The foghorn blows in the distant bay.

The weekend traffic zooms in the distant highway.

A bi-plane flies up above, looking down on the crows and the buzzards, looking down on me and Taylor.

The slight breeze is cool and crisp enveloping me.

The trees billow just slightly before me.

The sun extremely bright, warm and inviting above me.

Taylor snores behind me.

Other dogs play in their spaces down below in front of me.

Bruce Springsteen plays around me.

It’s 10 AM now.
Both the world and the day are my oyster.
I can’t wait to see, hear, smell, taste and feel what’s in store for me.


Post Script

A beautiful drive to Tiburon, highlighted by spending time along the shoreline alone to my thoughts amongst all the tourists viewing the splendor of the bay. And then a walk thru the forest behind my building in Sausalito with my dog. Finally, cooking dinner at home (Indian food of course) then settling into a marathon of Game of Thrones, season 3.

It was a good day indeed.

Sausalito Sunrise
Sausalito Sunrise
Sausalito Sunrise
Taylor’s Many Faces
The Stairway to Heaven in the Early Morning
Three of my Orchids




the View from my Balcony in Sausalito







And that’s a wrap. Goodbye, great day. Hello, eve. Ready for what the night brings.
Taylor amidst the wood chips in the forest
Near Elephant Rock in Tiburon
Near Elephant Rock in Tiburon
Along the shoreline in Tiburon

IMG_2064 IMG_2185 IMG_2107 IMG_2143 IMG_2157 IMG_2168 IMG_2171


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