Thankful for Friendships

I’ve been blessed with a great many friends, many of them even more. Many of them significantly better writers than me.

Their sentiments to me is one of the reason I write. And I write because I want to keep that feeling of life and love alive inside of me. I do stop to smell the roses because I think it’s important that we do; and I want others to do the same cos I know how beneficial it is. The people in my life are amazing people, which makes it quite easy to recognize and appreciate the beauty of life.

Below will be a growing collection of notes they’ve sent to me, that live in my heart (names deleted to protect their identity). For the many writers out there, I hope and wish for you, the people in your life to love and appreciate you.

“Hi Cecil. I was just up and happen to read many of your posts on your blog. Sorry If this text wakes you up. I just want to make sure to tell you that I loved your posts. I know that if I didn’t text you now, the moment will pass and be replaced with the many things life has waiting for me. For reasons that I cannot express for lack of the right words and a bit of not quite knowing, I find myself sitting here in the dark with tears in my eyes. They are good tears. Your posts remind me of a person that I once knew; myself. I miss reading great authors, taking walks , walking in the city to a great soundtrack or album, etc. life has definitely changed for me. I’m still not sure of my life as it is now however thank you for reminding me of bits of myself. I will take these memories that reading your posts triggered and carry them with me in my new life and hopefully they will be like seeds and grow.” – from a friend last year in November

“Thank you for interrupting my day. I’m serious…you’ve provide both a stopping point for my work day, and a good start to my close-at-hand beer drinking day. Still, I want to make short mention, hopefully under fanfare’s shadow to a recent notice of how you’re missed, both in and out of this cranky, but friendly, old town. No, people aren’t calling your name in downtrodden agony through the streets and dirty alleyways .. we’re not yet to that lowly place. But, the days have become cold here, reminding us the heartless day Sausalito stole you from our shared steps and now mistaken earshot. Lo, yes, I realize the holidays won’t be the same in your absence, and that saddens more than a brow or two, but I, like so many, find resolve hearing your good fortune in other lands, and that you are courageously carrying on as only the ‘Black Knight’ can do… and you do so well! So, I WILL toast to you, my friend, even if it is with a jug of PBR and shot of Malort (Uh, sorry, but it IS Wednesday, for crimmany sake). Know your name remains high here, and until we can again cusp your hand tight, we shant forget the high points: those glorious days sharing large pints, great song, many tales, and bread enough for too many .. largely without a mind of it, but you still caring to make fond recall to both day and kin. And that is the way with you, Cecil. Lucky are we, for thats the way I’d bid it be.” – from a friend last year during the holidays


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