Money for nothing. Food for free.

Sooooo… I was just at the grocery store, got into my car when I was about to text you, a woman came up to me crying. Rolling down the windows, I asked her if everything was ok. Admittedly, my Spidey-sense was tingling. As bad as it may sound I profiled her upon sight.

She cried that she had no money to feed her kids. I felt for her. I said I don’t have any money on me (truth) but I do have food. She asked what I had, to which I said, most of it is fresh and you’d need to cook it (I had tons of veggies and chicken which I was going to turn into a chicken curry the way my mom makes it, yummy, but I digress). She said she doesn’t cook.

Then I offered her a bottle of pre-made gumbo. She took that, but after reading the directions, said to me that she’ll need to add meat. And she wasn’t going to do that.

Then I said, well I do have a sweet tooth. You can have my red velvet cupcakes (my prized possession in the bag), to which replied to me, “I wouldn’t feed my children cupcakes! What are you thinking!” Then she walked away…

I hate to say this but I think she just wanted some money to get drunk.

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