True Love is Blind

29 July 2010 in Chicago was a special night. I looked back into my journal of that night and came upon a gem.

On my normal walk back home from the office this evening, I came upon an incredible and poignant sight, one that left me with an indelible mark on my mind.

Typically, I’m a guy who loves to stop and smell the roses, and in my daily walk to and from the office, that usually means my head in the air looking at the skyscrapers as I walk by them, the bridges that I walk over, (or sometimes the bridge up separated from its street to let a boat pass) the Chicago River that I cross, the plants and shrubs that dot the sidewalks, the el trains overhead, the cars that come whizzing by, and of course, the people, including the homeless (mostly regulars) that perch or sit on their accustomed spots to solicit for food or money. I love that walk, and oftentimes, I use it to decompress and contemplate.

Tonight added something special. As I was crossing the viaduct where the Chicago Metra runs its trains on Randolph, I noticed a rather tall, angular man with a long, metal stick, accompanied by a woman holding onto his arm, walking together in step. As I looked into their faces, I noticed that both of them were blind, the man actually had no eyes, with just skin covering the deep sockets where they would have been. They were in an fun and animated conversation. Most of all I noticed, they were smiling – literally ear-to-ear. I had to stop and look back three times, as I was just total admiration of them. What I saw more than anything else, was they were in love. I didn’t want to be rude, but I did cross the street and stood looking back at them for at least twenty seconds watching them walk away. And I was left to wonder, the things they have to go through are so much more difficult than I ever will. Then again, maybe they don’t “see” it that way. Maybe, all they “see” is love. Of course, I saw but a moment in time, but I believe in that blink that what I saw was what they really were. Enjoying a walk back home with the person they loved.

I walked back home with a smile on my face.

I’m at home listening to Bollywood music now.

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