A Tale of Two Days. The Tail of Two Dogs.

We woke up early to the Sausalito sunrise, prevalent with its strong oranges amidst the pthalo blue painting the morning sky. My dog Taylor came with us, hopping onto the back of my car. I’m always thankful for his youth and energy, staring his eight years with a playful fury. He’s gotten fit these last few months with exercise. His normal weight of 100 lbs in Chicago had come down to a svelte and strong 87. He looked good. He looked young. He acted younger.

We were with my best friend. He was also a dog lover, with an intelligent and beautiful one of his own, Tucker aka Tucker-Bear, T-Bear for short. Besides visits between us in San Francisco and in Los Angeles (including the Auburn/Florida St National Championship game), we also lived and loved adventures in Yosemite for New Years and an epic journey all over India (with a brief stop in London) late spring.

We drove to the lookout point off the Alexander Ave exit above the Golden Gate, her view majestic with the sun rising, the Marin Headlands behind us. Below us, cars dotted the bridge; and boats dotted the bay. It was as beautiful a morning as there ever was. This particular one hit all the right notes as we took it all in. I practiced my breath the entire time, contracting my core as I breathed out.

After an hour there, we drove to Fort Baker to see the bridge from another perspective, looking up from its base in awe of its splendor. Fisherman occupied the edges, lines cast for salmon that was swimming upstream. We saw Dolphins in the near distance, and seagulls everywhere up above. Below us three seals playfully barked. Taylor was mesmerized, as I carefully took a hold of him, fearful he may jump into the bay to play.

We would do the same thing again the next day, the only big difference being the fog accompanied everything we experienced this morning. And we would have brunch at Cavallo Point, almost feeling like we were transported back to WWII era among the army barracks, the trees of Fort Baker around us with the fog and Golden Gate at the distance. As I do with every place I have breakfast, I ate the eggs benedict giving it the thumbs up. Two dear friends from Chicago would come visit in three weeks; and we relived this morning.

Speaking of, rewinding back to this morning, after driving from Alexander Point atop the Golden Gate and Fort Baker at its base back home, we decided to hike the Alta Trail in the Marin Headlands behind where we lived. We had been up almost four hours.

It was truly a perfect morning. It was a healthy and productive morning.

And then we learned the news of Taylor’s brother Lawrence passing away. Lawrence was my brother’s beautiful dog. He lost his battle with cancer.

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