Roadtrips that Inspire

Utah continues to inspire me. My entire roadtrip cross country from the west coast to the east coast and back these last three weeks have inspired me. And the road trips before that along the California and Oregon coasts have also inspired me.

I’ve been and continue to be inspired.

Most of what I’ve painted the past year have been oils (and acrylics). My canvases have gotten bigger. My brushes have gotten better. I now have three art easels. During my travels, however, it’s unwieldy to bring oils.

And so I’ve gone back to what got me started on painting in the first place, ten years ago when I first started with watercolours.

My favourite time I’ve spent painting have been recently with my niece Bea, with watercolours. I can already tell, at just celebrating her third birthday, she is incredibly talented and has the potential to be really good.

What’s inspired my watercolours have all, so far, been my hike through Arches National Park near Moab, in Utah, with spots of Wyoming providing inspiration as well.

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