Go Thailand: Day 3 – the Beaches

The beaches of Pattaya are packed, at least the ones I’ve seen near where my buddy lives, near the Sheraton and Cosy Beach Hotels.

The scenes on the beach are as colourful as Thai life and the Thai peoples. Massage “therapists” hold raglan carpets and blankets on the beach ready for customers to enjoy a traditional Thai massage with the massive sounds of the Gulf of Thailand around them, adding to the experience. Russians and their kids dominate the beachfront. Huge boats are shored right onto the sand. The waters get deep quick and the waves are very strong. The temperate waters are a beautiful turquoise blue-green and rocky, with islands in the not too far distance.

Just a day later, we find ourselves on the gigantic Jomtien Beach. Beyond the main drag where the beach is sandwiched between it and the water, thousands of umbrellas are spiked into the sand, with chaise lounges and small tables dotting in between them. Beyond that, people gather around to stick their toes into the water and later jump in. We are greeted with a phenomenal sunset crouching down into the horizon. The pinks dominate this particular one. Besides taking in her sights and sounds, we spend much of our time to snap a perfect picture with our hashtag #GoLive

It is lovely here.
At both these moments, I have decided to live in a postcard.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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