Go Thailand: Day 4 – Thai Massages

Thai massages are incredible. I’ve had them plenty of times in the States, despite the fact they can be expensive. Where I am in Marin County, CA, they are $70 per hour and up. Getting them once a month in CA is a luxury for which I try to budget.

In Thailand, it’s different. At 150 to 200 baht per hour, I’ve already had two Thai massages and one foot massage over the first four days. At $5-$7 per session, surely there are more to come over the next couple weeks. Sign me up!

I am usually in a quite a bit of pain, most all of it stemming from a car accident from several years ago. As it is, I’ve learned to accept that pain as part of everyday life; and the days when my pain level is less than normal, I rejoice for the gift that it is. It’s also the reason I put so much time, money and energy to wellness. Massages (and acupuncture and yoga and hiking/walking) are such a big part of what I do. Sometimes, I feel however, that life in the West is not always conducive to wellness and health.

I often wonder about all the damage we do to our bodies. In the West, we are programmed to work hard, play hard. Operative word here is hard. We are raised to strive for good grades to attend a good school to get a good job, to earn money to support ourselves and our families, and then someday, retire and live th good life.

I find it here, and it could just be the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met, life is much slower. Much much slower. They are more relaxed, take things more in stride not letting things get to them. There is less pressure and less stress. Of course, one sees what one wants to see. So that’s what I see. Days start much later. They end later. And there is no set plan. What will happen today is what was always supposed to happen.

This sounds a lot like vacation.

I am on vacation.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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