Go Thailand: Day 6 – Go Beach

At 5:45 AM, we awoke to the alarm before the cock crowed. 

And then the cock crowed.
By 6:31 AM, we were already on the beach, filming footage and taking pictures of the sunrise. Save for the two of us, there are very few people out on the beach. Derek was significantly further down the beach than I was, with a different perspective but similar thoughts to what I was thinking and experiences I was feeling. Most of the people were workers getting the different resorts ready for their guests. We did spot two Japanese gentlemen in pajamas welcoming the day with their morning stretches, and standing steadfast by them a beach dog staring intently. We also spied three Buddhist monks hurriedly walking to the far end of the beach. Perhaps they knew of a spot more perfect than what we thought we had found.
Everyone should experience an awakening to the day like this. Besides the scenes played before us, the quiet sounds of life on the beach struck me as a wonderful way to say hello to the day, at first so very quiet, so much so that the tiniest of sounds were amplified giving it importance the rest of the day would only drown out. Those were my favourite sounds and among my favourite moments. I remembered different sounds but familiar feelings before the early morning in Sausalito from my balcony watching the sun rise, in Agra as we welcomed the Taj Mahal, in Mallapally where my grandfather lived on the side of a very large hill remote miles away from my tony hometown that was once a village.
We had a wonderful breakfast at the restaurant next to our hotel. Derek opted for a yogurt with pineapple as well as a pineapple smoothie; and I went with a traditional boiled rice and shrimp, served in a healthy broth, with scallions, garlic, cilantro leaves, herbs and spices. So amazingly good!!
By 9:15 AM, we are back on the beach.
People are milling onto the beach now, th scene already significantly more frenetic than it was three hours ago. Then again, “beach frenetic” sure is a lot slower than what I am used to in the city. Speedboats are docking, regularly bringing tourists in from the mainland. The sun is once again warm, spreading its rays onto the waters, refreshing for those already in it. And soft music plays in the background accompanying the sounds of the ocean waves.
It’s 9:30 AM, and with all this around me, I am sitting under an umbrella, and getting my foot massaged for the next two hours while Derek goes parasailing.
It’s 11:27 AM. I am still on the beach.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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