Monks Walking into Battle

Taylor and I played hermit again as we have been for some time now. The storms were raging outside, with the wind making his presence heard, what felt like 40 mph to 50 mph gusts. Maybe it was even more. For the first time since we’d been together, I could sense that Tay was scared. He wouldn’t leave my side, panting into my legs. I had plans to go out with friends, but at the last minute decided to stay in for the eve with my scared “little” buddy. And we watched the entire last season of Friends. Joey is a funny guy.

I took a break to paint, this time opening my acrylics tubes for the first time in months. Taylor sat in between my legs as I stood painting, the same storms inspiring me instead scaring him. Rachel, Monica and Phoebe, try as they might, couldn’t help.

He did however give me pointers and helped with my colour palette in what turned into “Monks Walking into Battle”. The inspiration for the painting came from the photograph above, taken by my buddy Derek, a great photographer with a phenomenal eye.

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9x12 painting using acrylics - "Monks Walking into Battle"
9×12 painting using acrylics – “Monks Walking into Battle”

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