I’ll See You Tomorrow, Papa!

Tomorrow is the day!!!

PapaC will be back! I was sad moping on the couch for a couple days leading up to the moment he left, but I know he went to visit Ammachi and Appachen. I wish I could visit them, but they live so far away, and I told Papa that I don’t like airplanes (unless they would let me fly them, of course).

So I’ve been keeping busy. Uncle Diego comes by twice a day and we go on adventures. Uncle Diego is in better shape than my dad, but I wouldn’t tell him that cos Papa is sensitive and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Each day, we go on a hike somewhere. I love that we live right by the Marin Headlands. So much to do and so much to see there. Sometimes I see other dogs. They think I want to bite them, cos I am so big; but all I really want to do is play with them. We can roll around in the dirt and then I can beat them up. I think it’s really fun! The other day, because I couldn’t play with one of them, I decided to roll around in the dirt. My tongue got black; the dirt didn’t taste good, but it sure was fun!

We even went to the beach! It was kind of like when Papa took me to Point Reyes and I was running around on the sand while he painted what we were looking at. Uncle Diego even let me crash against the waves. It was really exciting but I got really, really tired. So I just laid down on the sand, it was so cool that I thought Uncle Diego was going to let me fall asleep. He didn’t of course, I’m sure cos Papa told him that I am not allowed to spend the night at the beach.

When I get home, I do all sorts of things. I like to play with my Kong. There’s something so very tasty inside it, and I can never get to it, it’s so frustrating it makes me mad. And so I keep biting really hard into it thinking it will give me what’s inside, but it never does. That’s really strange to me, cos if I even pretend to bite anything else, I always get what I want. (I just want to be clear, that I never bite people. Papa told me never to do that, and I always listen to my papa. Sometimes, I will bite a dog, but only if they deserve it.) When I am bored with my Kong (which is almost never), I play with my papa’s compact discs. I especially like the one done by my Uncle Tad. I took it and stared at it for hours.

Mostly I sleep. And wait for Uncle Diego to take me out for our adventures.

And tonight? I wait for my dad. I am so excited to see him.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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