Mama’s Cooking & Papa’s Planting

As is always the case when I visit my parents, besides just spending time with them which I just love every bit of, I love my mother’s cooking. I’ve been to a great many world class restaurants. I’ve been to a slew of joints. I have friends who are excellent cooks. I also know my way around the kitchen. I have watched A Hundred Foot Journey.  None of them can hold a candle to my mother. And just like when little boys say “my daddy can beat up your daddy”, I really do fervently believe that my mom’s cooking is better than anyone else’s mothers (and fathers). When I was in college and those first few years when I lived in Chicago, many a friend would come over to my parents’ house after a night out, gobbling down Indian food. While those moments are significantly fewer and farther in between, I still have my moments of partaking in the best food in the world.

Like this past week in Tampa.

And then there’s my dad’s love of gardening…


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