Doggy Heaven

I watch over him from up above now. We watch over all of them from where we are. We can play in the big, endless green fields of eternity now and at the same time watch over the ones we loved while we were on Earth. Today, we opened the gates to our friend Bailey. Last year, in October, I opened the gates to my cousin Lawrence. They join me, Kalib, Foster, Mason, Tina, Tyson, and Harrison. We leave behind family and friends, some with four legs and some with two.

Jack aka “JackyBoy” RIP June 2003

My name is Jack. I’m a Chow and I have a purple tongue and cinnamon fur. My papa and the rest of my family called me Jackyboy. I was born and raised in West Lafayette, IN when my name was Helix oh so many years ago in Earth time. I lived in Chicago for several years with my pop, and later my other pop and Kalib joined us. I died there too. It’s been over ten years, but time has no significance where I am.

When I left, my papa was sad, so very sad. And though in those final days, I could barely open my eyes, I tried to tell him that I was going to a better place. A place where there is an endless supply of dog bones and doggy treats and gourmet food and smelly shoes and clothes that smell like our mamas and papas, where we play all the time and sleep at the same time, where it is never dark only light. There is no pain or suffering here. It’s a magical place.

We know though that we also leave behind a world of love too. I miss my papa cos he misses me. He cannot see me the way I can see him. While I am playing, I am always with him too, keeping watch over him and Taylor. Tay can see me. We have that gift that our mamas and papas do not. And so Tay and I talk all the time. I give him ideas to keep our dad happy. Tay does an amazingly great job but I’ve known our dad much longer; that’s why I give him the tips. While I am taking care of them, I see Lawrence being with little Marvelous, helping him through his puppy days until he becomes big Marv giving joy to his parents George and Kathleen. I grew up with George; and check in on him too with Lawrence and with Kalib. And I check up on the rest of my family, Appachen and Ammachi and Les and Bess. Mason and I look after his parents Les and Cecy. And Foster and I look after everyone, but most especially Bess and Jon and their little ones. I see Harrison and now Bailey talking to Tucker and taking care of Derek and Derek’s parents and the rest of their family. I just ran into Tyson; and we look after Paul and Lynn and Mikayla and Bart and Darya. We talk to Roscoe and Leroy all the time as they take care of Dominique and Paul and Fiona and Lulu. That’s what we do. We take care of the people we love. We always have. We always will. Life and death are but gates we open and walk through, fields of green on both sides.

And so it was, while everyone on Earth was sad, we were so happy to open the gates to Lawrence last October and to Bailey today. Lawreo got to be with his brother Taylor for four years and with his mom for five and with his pop for eight. Bailey got to live with his folks for over 17 years. I know; it’s still never enough and it’s tough when it’s all over. They all left behind some amazing and loving people, but truly we are not gone. They just can’t see us. However, I do know they can feel us. And if they try real hard, they can see us too, throughout the day in the most unexpected places and the most unexpected times. We live forever in their hearts as they are firmly locked up in ours.

It’s that special bond that we share. Men, women and dogs. We will always be there for you. Life and death are just words to us. We will never leave your side.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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