On My Journey

These last two months have been an epic journey of greater self discovery and awareness. On 10/22, I resigned from my job (and coincidentally later that day, my nephew was born). It was an extremely difficult decision. I loved the people I worked with. I loved the job I was doing. I loved the company. I still do. But I knew that there was something else in store for me; and I needed to take the time to really figure out what that was and pursue it. I didn’t have another job lined up. It was ballsy and it was scary. And I still wonder if it was a good decision. But Paulo Coehlo writes about pursuing your personal legend on the road to love, fulfillment and happiness. And essentially, what I’d been doing these last eleven plus years with CareerBuilder and Glassdoor, which has brought me such joy, was time to end. And now begin the next phase of my personal and professional life. And so here we are!

One of the things I value most are the people in my life, the relationships I’ve formed and developed over the years. I don’t think I’m overstating it by saying how much I love my family and friends. They continue to inspire me. And so I decided, while I was trying to figure out the meaning to life, that I would spend my time visiting as many of those that I love, that I could. And so I did. And continue to do. Haven’t seen everyone. And the second component of that journey is seeing as much beauty as I possibly can. So I took roadtrips up and down the western coast, along the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles via the PCH, and from San Francisco to Seattle via the Oregon Coast, visiting family and friends. And then there was my roadtrip from San Francisco to Washington, DC and back, visiting family and friends. I stopped for some wonderful times at Arches National Park near Moab in UT, Fort Collins and Denver in CO, Greenwood in IN, Chicago, and Bethesda, MD not to mention all the places I stopped off for a bite to eat or just enjoy the scenery, God’s canvas.

I have been writing every day. I have been painting almost every day.

I know that I am on my path to discovering my personal legend, to figure out what the meaning of life is for me.

I write this just after road trip back out west just after Christmas, which was a little different than my journey east. I write this just before my journey to Thailand. I will post this after what will be an epic trip there. By the time I will have posted this, I am quite certain I will have lived three months riding that epic, natural high. I have no doubt that a lot has happened in the two plus weeks since I wrote this. And you probably know in reading these words what I have yet to discover in the writing them.

Time to live.

Epilogue. I wrote two and a half months ago. I actually thought I would post it in January when I came back from Thailand, but something compelled me to wait. I start my new job in one week. I am beyond excited. By the time I start, it will have been five months and one day since the day I left. I crossed off many things from my bucket list; and added some more on. Time to live some more…

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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5 thoughts on “On My Journey

    1. Thank you! The journey indeed has been incredible. I was reading your blog; really like it, especially the bungee-jumping post. I was just commenting on a friend of mine’s Facebook post who just went hand-gliding, that I’ve gone skydiving, rappelling, parasailing, and flying off a trapeze, but I could never bring myself to bungee jump. Well done!


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