Dreaming of Artesa

I found myself transported back to a long table on the greens of Artesa Vineyard & Winery, the same place I was last Saturday. The table was endless, seated with every single person whom I have ever loved or loved me, my family and my friends. We toasted quite a bit. I love to toast. An infinity pool set the boundaries on either side of the table; the lawn was perfectly manicured. In front of me were rolling green hills dotted with vines of wine to be, in the middle a beautiful red barn proudly standing tall. Behind me, the hills rose to a gargantuan splendor, also teeming with vines seeking the sun, displaying the full breadth of the vineyard. In the far distance, the Pacific Ocean splashed its mighty waves. The sky was so vibrantly blue, the weather extremely pleasant.

My dreams are like that; they can be extremely vivid and I remember every bit of it, especially when I write it down upon waking (which I do quite often).

What made the dream a little different from my weekend was above me. Superimposed upon the sky was a movie reel of my life. Had I died and gone to heaven? I couldn’t say for sure. There were people that were happy celebrating life; there were people that were crying mourning death. Everyone was drinking wine, the 2012 Estate Vintage Pinot Noir I had last weekend with someone dear to me and her close friends.

The message to which we were toasting was quite clear. It was the start of something new, building upon a solid foundation of the past, building upon a lifetime of friendship with family and friends.

This dream lasted forever, as good dreams are wont to do. As they should.

I woke up just before the sunrise at home, sitting on my balcony taking it in, thinking upon that wonderful weekend a few days ago, thinking about the next step in my life, a few days from now.

Cos that’s what you do when you sit on a balcony in Sausalito watching the sun rise.
Cos that’s what you do when you wake up from such a vivid dream.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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