Go Thailand: Day 9 – Go Chiang Mai

When is the last time you woke up in one city, and decided to spend the day in another city? And then bought a ticket to that city, and by the afternoon, was there? And, if you had been able to do it, when was the last time it cost less than $50? Our day started in Koh Samed. By mid-day, we were in Bangkok. By early evening, we were in Chiang Mai. By late night, we had a beer at the Ba Ba Bo Bo Club, which was not really a club, but a bar on the street corner its walls formed by the streets it cornered, while the rain slammed hard against the ground at arm lengths away while we slammed our beer. We would spend a few days in Chiang Mai, my favourite of the cities we visited, echoing in my mind the difference between San Francisco (like Chiang Mai) and Los Angeles (like Bangkok). This echoed a running theme the entire time we were in Thailand. The only thing we had planned was to arrive in and leave Bangkok at a certain time on a certain day. Everything else and everything in between was an empty canvas to be painted. And I loved that. Whatever we were doing, we decided that morning or the night before. On some days, we decided to lay on the beach. On another, we went parasailing. We went motorbiking. Some days, we were in Bangkok. On others, we were in Pattaya or in Koh Samed. A few days later, we were in Chiang Mai. We were in Chiang Rai (which took us to Laos). We spent the night on a train. It was always something different. There is something freeing about not having to make decisions, or making it not because we needed to but because we wanted to.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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