Go Thailand. Gangnam Style

It’s 10:00 PM. We are on the beach. The moon brightly shines. Finished a tower (which brings back amazing memories of India, specifically Mumbai and Goa). A dog has just taken food off a beach table next to me. No rest for the wicked.

Robin Thicke just screamed, “You’re the hottest b-tch in this place!” Somewhere, Marvin Gaye’s relatives are sharpening their knives. And the main event is about to start.  In front of us and behind us are boys and young men playing with fire. They’re moving Gangnam Style. It’s amazing all the things they can do with a large rod with kerosene ladled cloth wrapped around both ends and fire coming out from each. They twirl it. They throw it. They dance with it. They create a lightshow that mesmerizes Derek and I and the crowds.

The sounds of the ocean provide the perfect backdrop to the fire. And there are moments when I close my eyes and cut through the drums to hear the ocean bellow.

We have not been here long but feel like we’ve been here a mighty long time, “and let me tell you, there’s something else.” Already, we’ve experienced the bustle of Bangkok, the madness of Pattaya and now the serenity of island life at Koh Samed.

It is truly beautiful here.
Even when it’s gangnam style.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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