Go Thailand: Day 6 – Living a Dream in Koh Samui

Saying goodbye to paradise is never easy. Koh Smet was dream come true, with most everything a person at my time in life would want. Falling asleep early last night was good for my mind and body. I fell into dreamland really quick.

Like every other place we’ve visited, Koh Samui was beautiful. A resort teeming with people, it had something for everyone. Resorts. Restaurants. Bars. Clubs. Shops. Beaches. Scuba-diving. Snorkeling. Parasailing.

It was both lively and serene.

And it, like Koh Smet, was beautiful.

Tonight is the Full Moon Party. And pretty soon, we would be joining thousands of other party-goers on the beach for the wildest party in the world. The music was loud and everyone was dancing; the DJ’s here are famous and just a step away from being world famous. For those not dancing and even for those that were, fire-twirlers were making visual music with fire. They were incredible; we saw them in Koh Smet too.

We stayed up till the sun rose, taking pictures in our tripped out heads. Every type of drug you’d want was available. Half the people at the party were on something. And the ones that weren’t wished they were. Things were a little hazy before passing out in the beach.

And then I woke up from an amazingly restful nine hour sleep in bed at our small bungalow in Koh Smet. It was only 7:30 AM. Was that a dream? Or did the night really happen? What was I thinking? While a big part of me is young at heart, even I am too old to hang out with 20 year-olds raging all night at a Full Moon Party.

Or am I?

The advice we got was down the middle whether we should go to Koh Samui or not. I had friends already there. The general consensus was that it would have been too much. And so we decided to stay in Koh Smet. We’ll have to visit a Full Moon Party the next time we are in Thailand; and we’ll have to visit Koh Samui to do it right. Of course, we are not getting any younger. Maybe that will have to be on a bucket list for another life.

“Dream on. Dream on. Dream until your dream comes true.”
Aerosmith rocked. They still do.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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