Living in the Moment: Happy Birthday 

Today’s my birthday. 

Today’s a celebration of you. All of you.

Today’s a celebration for you. All of you.

And I realize that what I’ve gotten today, that what I get every day, is the greatest gift of all.

Time with you. Time with all of you.

Cos every day is my birthday. It must be, cos every day, I’m given this gift of time with you.

I’ve known a great many great people. Some have lasted but a moment, our lives passing each other like people on their morning commute through the subway, but leaving an indelible mark. Still others, those moments have built upon each other like the marble stones of the Taj Mahal supporting each other through all of life’s joys and heartaches, also leaving an indelible mark. 

And then there are the truly special ones.

Sometimes someone just comes along in your life for but a moment to either change your life or to affirm it. You hope for more than a moment but even if it’s all that it will end up being – just a moment and a moment only, nothing more, nothing less – then it’s ok, cos that moment, and that person in that moment, could be the moment that changes everything or affirms it.

That’s how I live my life with everyone I meet, everything I do, everything I feel. Being this way helps me appreciate not just the moment but every moment. And I appreciate the person who was with me on that moment. And pretty soon, those moments string together into a day and then a week and then a month and then a year. Pretty soon, years go by and you look back to see what a wonderful life it was. Then you look forward and see what an even more wonderful life it will be.

By letting the past be the past, learning what I can from it, knowing what happened happened and there is nothing I can do about it, I can fully enjoy and appreciate the present. By leaving the future to what it will be, not in anxiousness but rather in anticipation, knowing what I am doing today and what I learned yesterday, will only lead to a better tomorrow. I can then fully enjoy and appreciate the present.

Happy birthday everyone. Today I celebrate you.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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