“You’re the artist!”

I’d noticed a pretty woman the other day walking a dog – a big beautiful black Lab, bigger than my dog, and I would find out later, just a puppy. For the most part, I would usually stay clear of them. I could tell if her dog and mine were in close proximity, it would be tough for her to control him. Or maybe that’s just an excuse I’ve created in my mind, in case I couldn’t control mine.

Anyways, we finally met. She spoke with an accent and was extremely nice. Taylor was curled up at home, while she had her dog with her, happily jumping up and down, vying for my attention. We only spoke for a few minutes. As it turned out, she and her husband were magicians. I had once met David Blaine; and his magic skills were scary sick. He was literally in front of me back then, not more than 24 inches separating us, confounding my eyes with his card tricks. Other than him, I’d never met another magician before, let alone one that were neighbors. Someday, I was hoping to see one of their shows.

Introducing ourselves, she told me her name; and when I shared mine, she exclaimed, “Oh! You’re the artist!”

I’d never heard that before! I was actually being recognized for one of passions. I carried the high from that statement for quite a long time.

I am an artist.
Smiley face.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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