Dog Life, Part Two

A dog park I believe is a microcosm of the universe. You have all sorts of personalities from the very laid back, almost oblivious to the overly passionate, borderline aggressive. And then there are the dogs.

Living here for two years, I must admit I didn’t realize until the last two weeks how much I’ve really been denying Taylor by not coming here. Only a five minute drive from my apartment, there was really no excuse. While I’m quite certain that I am a very open and inviting person, that didn’t extend to others around me where my dog was concerned. On a very basic (and many times a subconscious) level, I didn’t trust strangers around my dog, assuming most would think the worst.

I have a big dog. More accurately, he’s a medium-sized dog who’s extremely dense, packing almost 100 lbs into a frame that more suits dogs almost twice his size. While not (even remotely) fast, he’s quite quick in his own space. My assumption was that most people would assume he was the aggressor and given how dogs play, assume he was going from thrill to kill in seconds, when all he was really doing was playing really hard. I was wrong to assume that people would think the worst. It was a nice gut-check to re-ascertain something I believed in of people I apparently did not believe of them, where my dog was concerned.

I was wrong.

As it turns out, and what has not changed, Taylor still loved to play hard, to rough house with other dogs. He was all alpha dog; and for the most part, he ruled the playground, the playing dictated by his pace. A funny thing happened once we started becoming regulars. The dogs figured it all out themselves; we, the people, only confused things or made it worse. Turned out, all Taylor wanted to do was play, and play hard. He was open to taking direction from other dogs. In fact, the defacto leader of the playground was Alfie, a dog somewhat his height, but way skinnier, less than half Taylor’s weight. Tay loved playing with Cal, the husky/wolf mix that is literally twice Taylor’s size. And he loved to play fetch with tennis balls.

I was wrong.
But now I am making it right.
Taylor loves the dog park.
And now it’s become quite the adventure over the weekends and one or two weekdays.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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3 thoughts on “Dog Life, Part Two

  1. Taylor! Love seeing him bouncing, playing and happy. What a great dog! Aside from him giving me a concussion (which was probably indeed my fault) Taylor has done no wrong. And yes im ignoring his bout with Tucker.


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