Changing Our Paradigm: Taking Advantage of Beautiful San Francisco

I read an interesting article written by Jayson Stark on ESPN (which I rarely read or watch anymore) about the strategic advantages Joe Maddon (the new manager of the Chicago Cubs) exercises by batting his pitcher eighth in the batting order instead of ninth. Being in the American League his baseball life until this season, he’s never had to ponder the strategy. He’s a classic example of someone who questions conventional wisdom.

His favourite questions are why and why not.

I’ve been extolling the virtues of changing our paradigm for years now. And I try to incorporate this into as much of life as I possibly can. Take my daily commute. It’s brutal. On a good day, it’s an hour fifteen minutes one way. Yesterday, it was almost two hours each. I no longer call it a commute. My drive to and from the office are now road trips. Who doesn’t love a great road trip?

Now, at least on the way home, I make it a point to stop somewhere along the way, whether it’s on the way home or a little out of the way. Sometimes. A lot. I’m blessed in that the Bay Area is so beautiful, teeming with a new spot for me every day I decide to go into the office.

This past week, I was doubly blessed to have my brother in town, a last minute work trip that made for an incredibly awesome, last minute week. On the way home, I picked him up to show him some of what makes San Francisco so beautiful.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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