Sherwood Forest Beckons

The clouds look beautiful as the fog drapes a heavy blanket against the horizon beckoning a new day. Not too long after, the morning sun shines brightly casting a smile over the sky ready to unwrap the clouds’ blanket, slowly working its way around the entire bed.

And just like any other Sausalito morning, the air is crisp as birds in the distance chirp. The forest beckons us in her daily request for company. She too beckons, “Lift your head and raise your arms. Stretch your legs. It’s time to clear your thoughts to begin the day anew.”

So Taylor and I went on a morning walk.

So we walk down the hill on Sherwood Drive, cross the street and enter the forest. Our favourite forest. Our forest.

What a way…
To start the day…
Oh I must say…
Should I stay…

Or should I go?

When we arrived back home, we listen to The Clash.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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