Broken Wings Fly So High

How often have we felt like broken birds, with broken wings?
Wanting to fly or at least just get off the ground let alone ever so high.

How often is it that the thing about us that is broken, that thing that seems so ugly,
that we protect from anyone and anything, from everyone and everything?

That thing is the very thing that makes us less than who we are.
Or so it seems every time we look in the mirror.
Or is it?

And yet, there is someone out there that was put into our flight pattern
to be with us
at that very moment in time when we needed them,
to help us heal.
To help us see how we really look in the mirror.

That we are not broken,
but rather instead we are large with glorious wings.
That we are meant to fly so very high.
And that thing that what we thought was so ugly is in fact not ugly at all,
but beautiful.





Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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