Today Is National Dog Day Two. Cos Yesterday Was National Dog Day Too.

Today is Dog Appreciation Day. As far as I am concerned, every day should be Dog Appreciation Day.

I got a note from the “little rascal” yesterday before the crack of dawn.


I know tomorrow is Dog Appreciation Day, but seriously, why we gotta wait an entire day? Let’s do something fun right now! Let’s do something epic.

So I thought about what I wanted to do. While I don’t run very fast, and I cannot run for very long, I want to run. I want to run like the wind. Let’s go hiking in the Marin Headlands in the early morning when everyone else is asleep and we can just be the only ones out there. Just me and my papa. We’ll own our land as we run it.

That sounds like a perfect morning.

That sounds like a perfect way to celebrate Taylor Appreciation Day.



I love how he renamed the holiday (which should be a national holiday I might add) and I love that he wants to celebrate it a day early. And so that’s what we did. We arrived at the Marin Headlands before 6:30 AM and went romping through its trails for the next couple hours. And afterwards, we had our stomach’s full of great breakfast food.

And then Taylor slept the rest of the day.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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