Carry Big Stick. Walk Loudly.

Taylor is the proverbial bull in a china shop. He stands tall. He walks proudly. He walks loudly. Poor guy as try as he might, and he does try, does not have a gentle bone in his body. However, his heart and soul is as gentle as gentle can be. If a dog could be described as sweet and kind, that would describe my little rascal to a tee, though “little” would never be a word used to describe him (“rascal” definitely).

We went hiking yesterday morning to celebrate Dog Appreciation Day today.

He loves the Headlands, which is extremely popular for dog walkers, because of its open expanse, wide territory, the sights and sounds that both people and dogs can truly enjoy. By 10 AM, the place is teeming with six or seven dogs per dog walker; and usually there are anywhere from five to ten of them at a time. That being said, we could spend hours there and not really run into very many of them.

For our tastes, we like to go early in the morning, when the sun cracks open. We’re guaranteed to be the only ones there, or perhaps may be joined every once in a while by a dog or two. We have the entire trails for the most part to ourselves. And because one entrance to the Headlands is just a five minute walk from our apartment, it’s an easy and fun hike for the both of us.

It’s why (among so many other reasons) every day is Dog Appreciation Day.

Today Taylor found a big stick. In fact, he found two.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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