Cubs v Giants, Game One

It’s been a few days since I decided to attend games one and two between the Cubs and the Giants at AT&T Park.

My seats were incredible, row F in the Field Club off the first base side, four rows behind the Cubs dugout watching the fun unfold before me. Rizzo had already made a nice snag from a shot by Crawford. Aside from one lone Cubs fan behind me and his wife, I am surrounded by a sea of Giants (as I should be). By the end of the game however, it seemed that I only had Cubs fans around me, singing my favourite baseball theme song “Go Cubs Go!”

Jake Arrieta had a no-hitter going into the fourth before Duffy slapped a single to continue his hitting streak. The Cubs has spotted him a 6-0 lead off home runs by Schwarber and Montero. Starlin joined in the fun with a jack and Arrieta decided to help himself by scoring a run of his own. These Cubbies have really got something special going on, and I started believing in my hope they would not just make the playoffs but actually do some damage. We’re still a year away, I keep telling myself.

The game is cruising along until the eighth inning when the Cubs’ relief pitching started to give the game away, clearing the bases on a double by Susac, closing the gap to 8-5.

It’s getting tense! And the crowd is getting excited on a potential comeback.

All of a sudden, after the frenetic 8th, seagulls started taking over the skies. I would find out later that these seagulls are not just any ordinary seagulls. They come circling the park around this time of the game, knowing that most of the fans have already eaten their food and morsels of leftovers are there for the taking.

Back to the game. These Giants have no quit. That’s why they are the champs. They won’t go down quietly. After a Cubs three and out in the top of the ninth, Metallica’s Enter Sandman opens the Giants half of the inning.

The remaining crowd is jacked with the top of the order coming up and Rondon on the mound.
Aoki pops up on a 2-1 to left field.
Duffy who’s been stellar all night comes to the plate. On a 2-2, Rondon strikes out Duffy.
Belt drops a single in the left center gap.


Maxwell who struck out in his only plate appearance has a chance to be a hero.

Rondon strikes him out to take game one.

Go Cubs Go!
Go Cubs Go!
Hey Chicago, whaddaya say?
The Cubs are gonna win today.

There is something magical about watching a game at the ballpark. And for a moment at the end of the game, I thought I was in Chicago as there was a swarm of Cubs fans around me, singing the Cubs’ theme song.

It was brilliant. I’m going to come again tomorrow night.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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