Dedicated to Sausalito Sunrises – 27 Aug 2015

Yesterday, one of the really big trees in front of my balcony was cut down, changing my view.
I dedicate today to sunrises over the past month, over the course of the day posting time lapse videos of some of the best sunrises from August.

Directly in front of my balcony, Strawberry juts out into Richardson Bay, and you can see Belvedere and Tiburon behind it, and Angel Island to the right. Far in the distance further southeast lies Alcatraz, which on a clear day you can see clearly. And further in the distance, you can see the Bay Bridge.

Generally, I’m sitting on my balcony by 5:45 AM. The darkness of the night turns its midnight blues into softer hues of blue before yielding to the brighter and stronger colours of the sun, when yellows, oranges, sometimes pinks and reds do battle with all sorts of the existing blues, where clouds will either stand by or play a prominent role. The light show usually ends by 7 AM as morning glory steadies into the day.

Hello broken record.
The sunrises off my balcony are the very definition of epic.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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