Are These Cubbies For Real?

The Chicago Cubs have just won their fifth in a row, more importantly against the two teams that sit ahead of them in the NL Central standings. They’re only a half game back of the Pirates and with today’s victory over the first place Cardinals, only five behind them. Could this be the Cubbies’ year?

I’m still wary and believe the Cubbies are a year away. Their relief pitching scares the crap out of me. Their young hitters a free swingers, currently connecting with the ball, but what happens if they go cold? And outside of Arrieta who has been nothing short of dominating and Lester who you know will give quality games in the playoffs, is there another starting pitcher you can really count on?

A buddy of mine posted this on my Facebook wall: “They’re going to pass the Pirates tomorrow and will win the Division in Milwaukee the last weekend of the season.”

I want to hope!
I want to say yes!
I want to believe!

Will this be the year? Are these Cubbies for real?
In trying to find the answer to that question, it sure has been fun watching them this season!

Addison Russell with the play of the day to end the game in a victory for the Cubs over the Cardinals!
Addison Russell with the play of the day to end the game in a victory for the Cubs over the Cardinals!

Secret of My SucCecil

The Cubs have solid pitching, timely hitting, and a really good front office ans manager who has been there before. They are not without faults, some glaring, but they have as good a shot as any, and for the first time in six years, are giving the fans a potential season for the ages. I wish I was in Chicago!

Are these Cubbies for real?

The Cubs pitching, not devastating like in the days of Wood, Prior and Zambrano, is really good. They are in the top five for WHIP, strikeouts, shutouts, on base percentage, and ERA.

Their biggest free agent signing Jon Lester is not even their best pitcher. Jake Arrieta now has twelve consecutive quality starts, the most in a row by a Cubs pitcher since 1993 when some pitcher named Greg Maddux did it last. He starts tonight against the Giants in San Francisco. This could be…

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