Game Two. Ten More to Go. Go Cubs Go.

I’m standing with my phone in my hands, pacing back and forth, a smile stretching the entirety of my face, chills down my spine. A beer in my hands. Taylor staring at me in between chomping on this treat that I stuffed in his kong. He takes a break to look at me; and admittedly, I have tears coming down my face.

Cubs win!
Cubs win!
Cubs win!

It’s been twelve years since the Cubs have won a postseason game.

Fowler and Schwarber, at the top of the order, with monster games.
Arrieta with a monster performance – the first Cubs postseason shutout since 1945 (the last season the Cubs were in the World Series). He was who we all thought he was.
I loved what he said in the interview after the game, “This is just step one.”

Yes it is Jake.
Yes it is.

The next series is going to be tough cos the Cubs best pitcher won’t be available till game three. Yadier and Wainwright is back for the Cards. They have better relief pitching, better defense, and more consistent hitting. However, the Cubbies are young. They don’t know any better. They are a year early from “being good”. The unsung hero in tonight’s game was the Cubs’ defense, turning two double plays exactly when Arrieta needed it. He was visibly running out of gas, but gutted it out; and after the two innings with the double plays found something inside himself to go the distance. “If you build it, he will come.”

I don’t know what it is about sports. Actually I do. During my childhood there are so many examples of that feeling I felt about my teams. Over the last ten years, it has not happened often. The NINERS did it in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish did it in 2012. None of those teams won it all, though the journey was absolutely magical. And in the ensuing tears with their last loss of the season that lost a championship, I was so proud of them and of the journey they took me on.

I feel that way about these Cubs… These unexpected Cubbies. I was thinking maybe next year, or the year after that (cos I believe in Theo- I’ve seen him do it before with the Red Sox)… These Cubs have taken us for a ride that started in April. And I promised myself I would enjoy ever single moment of it, no matter how long or how short the journey was, with the hope against all hope that the journey would end in a World Seried title.

Because I respect the games, and I respect diehard fans, I give props to the Pirates for their great season and to their fans for standing by them for so long when they weren’t winning anything. I give props to the Cardinals for being the best team consistently in MLB since the turn of the century. I’m biased because some of my favourite people root for the other team, so I don’t hate on them or the team too much; actually I don’t hate on them at all, instead having tons of respect. All that being said…

I’ve only got one thing to say…
Bring on the Cards!

I’ve got one more thing to say…
All I want for Christmas is…

Cubs win!
Cubs win!
Cubs win!

And an Old Style. Apparently, Sausalito has no Old Styles. That’s a potentially big problem.

Friday cannot come soon enough.

2015 Wild Card Game - Cubs / Pirates... Arrieta with a dominating performance for the win
2015 Wild Card Game – Cubs / Pirates… Arrieta with a dominating performance for the win

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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