Cubs Lose

Maybe Taylor knew the Cubs would lose. 

This video was from Thursday, the day after the Cubbies beat the Pirates for the chance to play the Cardinals in a five game divisional series. 

I listened to most of the Cubs/Cards Game One on the radio, catching the last couple innings on TV. Lester pitched a great game for the Cubs, surrendering two runs, both generated by Cardinals’ rookies, proving they can rise to the moment every bit as well as their more publicized counterparts with the Cubs. After the homer by Pham off Lester, the incoming reliever gave up a two-run blast to another rookie. John Lackey was unhittable for the Cards and they took Game One 4-0.

Maybe Taylor knew all of this would happen; and wanted to get an early cry in.

Game Two is tonight.

Let’s go Cubbies!!


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