The Greatest Home Run in the History of Major League Baseball

On this day 27 years ago, this epic home run was hit, in my opinion the greatest homer in the history of baseball. I remember this moment like it was yesterday. I will always remember this moment, and at that time, it seemed like the most important moment in the history of moments. The Dodgers had to win this game. They just had to. The Oakland A’s were so much better, just like the New York Mets were so much better than the Dodgers in the NLCS. Gibson hit an epic homer in that series too.

Coincidentally, the Dodgers and Mets square off game 5, the winner to head to the NLCS, in an epic pitchers’ duel.

Back to his moment from 1988, I remember praying the hardest prayer I had ever prayed for a Dodgers victory. (It was three months before the Fighting Irish would win the NCAA national championship and the NINERS win the Super Bowl, a triumvirate never before or since achieved in my life of the teams that I loved.)

And when Gibson came up to the plate, I prayed even harder. And when Gibson hit the home run to end all home runs? I jumped for joy, let out a few rebel yells, did a few push-ups and ran around the block.

I wish I could have bottled that feeling.


Secret of My SucCecil

I found this gem among my journals, as I was unpacking today; a gem, mainly because it brought with it a flood of great memories. I can still remember watching this vividly with my brother George who was only 14 at the time, and the last couple of innings with my dad, who was only five years older than I am at the moment. Reading those words pop my eyes out. I’ve only had this feeling just a handful of times, of my favourite team winning in such dramatic fashion. I’ve been a sports junkie ever since I was a little kid, learning how to read English before I could speak, by reading a book about the World Series, in the process becoming a diehardLos Angeles Dodgers fan. (As an adult in my early thirties, the Cubbies would also capture my heart, a lot of it to do with the…

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