Big Buddies and Little Buddies this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been a wonderful time, ushering in the holiday season, when family and friends get together to celebrate each other’s company. With a couple of our closest friends, Taylor and I were greeted to a spread that could have been showcased in “Better Homes & Garden”.

And so it was, that Taylor met Franky for the first time since Franky was a puppy smaller than Tay’s head. At heart, Taylor is a little guy trapped in a big dog’s body; whereas Franky is a relentless Boston Terrier, a big man trapped into a little body (when compared to Taylor’s 100 lb American Bulldog frame).

Suffice it to say, Taylor has been  worn out ever since, sleeping most of the day after, only just now back in the land of the living.

One thing is for certain, besides the unbelievably tasty food and wonderful company. Another friendship was born this Thanksgiving day.



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