Tennessee in California

I’ve done this before.
I’ve been here before.

It’s only a 1.8 mile walk and the payoff at the end of the hike never disappoints.

I love the Tennessee Valley hike, which leads to the beach which leads to the ocean… the Pacific Ocean where all things begin and all things end. Thoreau and Emerson would have loved this place.

Amidst the sounds and rush of its waters, the Pacific aides in prayer for the hopeful and for those that need hope, for the loved & loving and for those that need to be loved, for all peoples everywhere and anywhere and over there.

The sun shines brightly onto my scalp as I am saying prayers for my family and my friends, for a good and kind future, for dreams to be dreamt and dreams to be realized, for big thoughts and little thoughts, for thoughts to change the world.

It’s easy to think upon these things here. It’s more difficult to not think thoughts of love in this magical place.



Only in the Bay Area.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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