Remember Your First Christmas?

It’s Christmas.

It’s 3:11 AM in Tampa.
The “Victory Celebration” from the end of the “Return of the Jedi” plays on my phone. (I like to sleep to music.) I’m waking up to Ewoks instead of Santa. Star Wars has taken over Christmas. Hmmm, that’s interesting.

Baby, it’s warm outside.

Before going to bed, I read that tonight’s full moon would be the first over Christmas Day since 1977. My parents were younger than my sister is now, with all four kids in tow. “That’s a mighty long time / But I’m here to tell you / There’s something else.” I went to bed thinking that thought, thinking that 1977 was a special year for our family, when our lives as we knew it began. The next full moon on Christmas Day would not happen again till 2034.

The best time to see the moon would be 6:11 AM EST, which would make it 3:11 AM PST. My mind must be thinking that I am still in San Francisco.

So I went outside to take some pictures, all the while thinking of some past Christmases, especially my first one and some of the other early ones from my youth. I was seven years old. My little sister was just born. And I had two brothers younger to me. It seemed to be such an incredible day. All of a sudden this tree that had been lit each evening for weeks, had gift-wrapped boxes under it. Among other presents that first Christmas, my most cherished was a wired remote controlled Batman helicopter. Along with the Batman t-shirt I already wore, it became the start of something. I could watch it fly in circles for hours. Some things will never change.

It’s different now. My joy comes entirely from wrapping gifts, writing the recipient’s name on it, and seeing the look on their faces upon opening it. And so I went a little nuts with buying gifts for the kids today. I can’t be around kiddie clothes in a store and not imagine my niece and nephews in them.

There was nary a cloud in the sky, as I stared at the moon, the air misty and serene.

Time for me to walk over to the tree.
There may be some presents under it with my name on it.

Merry Christmas everyone! Go out there and tell the people you love that you love them. Spend as much time as you possibly can with them. Cos tomorrow is never promised. It’s Christmas Day, after all. It’s the season of and for giving.




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