Thomas Jefferson

The walk to the Jefferson Memorial seemed longer than it initially seemed when I was sitting at the Washington Monument. It was only a mile, as I walked passed the Cherry Blossom parking lot and the Tidal Basin paddle boats, making my way to Ohio Drive to the memorial.

The Jefferson Memorial as I walked along the Tidal Basin seemed to float on the water. I was mesmerized by its resplendent beauty, in some ways more moved by it than either Lincoln or Washington. And like I felt when I walked up the steps to the Lincoln Memorial, walking up the steps to Jefferson placed me onto another time period entirely. Jefferson’s echoes were much more prominent here both literally and figuratively, its massive figure even more imposing than Lincoln. I sat there for a long time, reading the words. You could do that when there was no one around but you and the president. And like the other presidents I visited before him, I was in awe; and gave thanks for the opportunities living in this country afforded my family and me. I was about to leave when I heard three young men sing Amazing Grace and The Star Spangled Banner. An acoustically rich environment, both renditions would have captured the hearts of any crowd had they heard what I heard. As it was, it was only me. I will forever be indebted to them for reminding me of my faith in this beautiful country of ours.

I walked back with a massive smile in my heart. There were still some leaves on the trees, those not there on the ground instead. Much of the grass was still green and while it was December, there was a feel of autumn in the air.

By 1:25 AM, I was back in my car heading home, happy I’d spent an evening with three presidents.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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