The Many Faces of a Sausalito Balcony: All Pretty

I just arrived at home in Sausalito from an amazing ten days visiting family and friends in Washington, DC and New York City on Monday 12/14. I stood outside my balcony to appreciate the view.

I was tired and woke up late this morning on Tuesday 12/15. The flight and change in times from the east coast did me in today. Disappointingly, I did not see the sun rise, but still took the time to spend a few moments on my balcony.

I woke up early this morning on Wednesday 12/16 to a sunrise of blue and yellow and orange; and Taylor & I went on a hike.

I woke up early this morning on Thursday 12/17 to a sunrise that didn’t look anything like the sunrise of the previous day. Today we had pinks, reds, a tinge of violets, and greys to accompany blues, yellows, and oranges. And Taylor & I went on a hike. Good thing we did; cos later in the day, the skies turned dark.

I woke up even earlier this morning on Friday 12/18. Dark, ominous clouds covered the sun, trying to shine through to me. And finally, a little before 8 AM, it came.

I woke up even earlier on this Saturday morning 12/19 than at any other time during the week, which was pretty darn early. It had rained almost all evening; and so the sun decided not to come out. By mid-morning however, the clouds are beautiful this morning and the sun accompanies a bright, blue sky.

No matter what time of the day it is, what the weather is, the view from my balcony never ceases to amaze me, with its view of Strawberry, Tiburon behind it, the bay, Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge in the far distance, and most especially the sunrise early in the morning, and a full moon as it rises above the horizon.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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