Keeping Promises

I could be alone in the middle of nowhere yet not be lonely. Most of the time, my alone time means that I am spending time with Taylor. One of the many reasons why I cherish my moments of solitary solidarity with my dog is that it fuels a million thoughts and even more feelings channeled towards those that I love. However it may sound, I do believe in putting love out there into the world, both through my thoughts and my words and my deeds, in my very prayers. And I don’t believe that you could ever put enough out there. So our hikes are all about a very conscious delivery of love out into the world. It’s our communion with God and all the people we love.

Oftentimes I think about that moment nanoseconds before getting hit by that car going 30 mph on that cold December morning eight years ago when I was walking across the street. Everyone that I had loved and/or who had loved me flashed before my eyes. I was thankful that very moment for their love and for all of those relationships; and I promised myself and God that if given the chance to survive this moment, that I would never let another one go by without telling all the people that I love how I felt about them.

Some promises are worth keeping.

Especially promises born of love.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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