Dream a Little Dream

I believe we are not the victims of our circumstances but rather the creators of our destiny. I believe that we must dream big dreams and the journey in achieving those dreams is just as valuable and satisfying as the dream itself. I know the journey to self-awareness and self-fulfillment is frought with perils along the way. Those obstacles only stand in the way to serve as checkpoints to help us realize whether our dreams are big enough and if we are dreaming the right dream. I believe that quitting the wrong dream early is the right thing to do; staying on that path – the wrong path – is only keeping us from the path we are destined to be traveling.

I paint because it makes me happy. I paint as a means to give colour to my self-reflection. I paint to give joy to others. I paint because I believe art – all art in all its many forms – is here to provide us a window into the possibilities of life and of love. That time when it’s just me, my brushes, my colours and my canvas is a sacred time when my feelings of love for my family and friends has a picture. For indeed, a picture does say a thousand words.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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