Slowing Taylor Down

Taylor has always wolfed his food down. The little big guy can inhale his food in less than thirty seconds. At nine years of age, this is not a good thing. And so I’ve figured out a way to increase his eating time from less than thirty seconds to anywhere from eight to eleven minutes.


First, after scooping food into his bowl, I’ll put a little water in there (he doesn’t drink as much water on his own that he used to as a puppy and young dog, not to mention the water slows him down, taking him from four minutes without water to the eight to eleven with), then squirt liquid glucosamine and fish oil in the shape of a heart. Then I put obstacles (i.e. rocks and treats) in the way of getting to his food. This usually means different shaped bones that he chews on during the course of the day.

At first he hated it, sometimes loudly barking at his bowl.


He still makes noises, but it seems to me, thoroughly enjoys eating. Eating is an adventure now. Afterwards, he chews on some of the bones for dessert.


How do you slow down your dog eating breakfast and dinner?

Watch video here.

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