Rickshaw Run 2016: Pimping Our Ride

All adventurers entering the race are given the opportunity to decorate their rickshaw. The Adventurists provide us with a template, and we pimp it out.

For us, we wanted to channel several ideas into our three-wheeler as we traverse 2500 km over two weeks.

We are animal lovers. As such, I painted my dog Taylor, Derek’s dog Tucker (RIP) and DaveRisner’s cat Bella. The threesome gets the royal treatment, a prominent display over our wheels. Rightfully so.

Our websites – http://www.AlwaysBeEpic.Life and http://www.SecretOfMySucCecil.com – are also spotlighted, each housing content exemplifying our outlook of the world. To that end, the hashtags – #AlwaysBeEpic #GoAdventure #GoTravel #GoLive – will be running all throughout northern India.

And of course, I cannot be running anywhere in any country let alone India without The Dark Knight running with me; hence, we are The Dark Knights.


#AlwaysBeEpic #GoAdventure #GoTravel #GoLive #RickshawRun #GoFundMe #CoolEarth #KeepMoving4SPS

Please donate to GoFundMe.com/AlwaysBeEpic
Please visit us on http://www.AlwaysBeEpic.Life for more of our adventures

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.


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