India 2016: Flight to Dubai – 21 March

Waking up this morning brought mixed feelings. On one hand, I was leaving for India, beyond excited. On the other, I was leaving Taylor, my beautiful American Bulldog – a sadness was overcoming me. We went for a nice, long walk in the neighborhood barely beating the rains coming later today. We happened to run into our friend Antonio and his dog Miles, a younger bigger version of Tay. Antonio graciously offered to take me to the Marin AirPorter, a luxurious twenty dollar bus ride to the airport.

With Taylor behind me and safely with Diego, my excitement grew through the long security lines at SFO, texting Derek and DaveRisner while waiting. Derek found himself sitting next to Aunt Edna from Mumbai. DaveRisner was quite happy to receive his meal voucher. The actual flight to Dubai was long and brutal, but I expected it. 16hrs, yikes! My back and tailbone and butt were hurting so bad. However, despite that, the service was quite exceptional, and as far as big birds go, the 838 is a gargantuan lap of luxury. The food was quite good, vegetarian biriyani; and I watched four movies – Batkid (the story of San Francisco transforming itself to Gotham City to make the wishes of a little boy come true through the Make-A-Wish Foundation), The Big Short, Creed and of course, The Dark Knight Rises (only my 100th time watching it).

Arriving in Dubai, it took a bit to find DaveRisner and Derek, but I did, made a video in the process, and took the train into town. Stopping at the gigantic mall, we walked its floors, all teeming with crowds of people, the sheer number a surprise to us at 10:00 PM on a Monday. Once we walked outside, we stood before the magnificent Burj Khalifa and saw a water show to the music of Lionel Ritchie’s “All Night Long”. Happy and laughing, we headed back to the airport. Our flight was 2:00 AM, and upon boarding, I was randomly and quite happily bumped to first class!! Now that was awesome. Derek and DaveRisner sat with the proletariat while I drank a glass of 15 year old Glendiddich when the wheels went up, and later horizontal, I’m sure snoring to the tune of the engines.

India, here we come.

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