Praying with a Purpose – Intentional Intentions

I am simply amazed at the amount of love one can generate if truly focused upon it. For me, it happens inevitably on my hikes with Taylor as well as on roadtrips anywhere and everywhere. Most mornings, Taylor and I are hiking in the Marin Headlands where we live; other mornings, we’ll treat ourselves to someplace new, of which the Bay Area has aplenty. Also, over the past three years, I’ve made it a habit taking road trips along the Pacific Coast Highway, if I’m not on the 101 or the 5 between San Francisco and Los Angeles visiting my friends. I’ve driven along both the California and Oregon coasts. I even took a road trip from San Francisco to Washington DC and back, stopping along the way for adventures by myself with Taylor and with family and friends.

Whether you want to call it meditating or praying or even just talking to God or your higher power of choice, thinking about specific people in my life, I make my prayers very intentional about that person, who they are, what they are all about, what makes them so good and why (selfishly speaking) they’ve become so important to me, what they may be going thru at the moment, what they need. It’s extremely emotional and powerful. I’ve certainly been the recipient of such love, intentions and power. It’s a wonderful feeling both to receive and give that love. The best way to live is to give. Whenever I do this (which is every day) I feel so enriched beyond words and so full of love and life. I truly believe it’s one of the reasons why I wake up each day.

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